FMC provides the following support.

Maintenance  There is no longer the need to ship them back to Japan!)

  • NXT Placing Head maintenance support
  • NXT Nozzle 2D Barcode Label exchange support
    Before and After Image Comparison of 2D barcode Repair
Before repair (Error)

After repair(Normal)

  • NXT CPU-Box maintenance support
  • Yaskawa Servo System local repair (Limited to certain models)

Improving production efficiency  Maximizing NXT’s performance!

  • JOB Data fine-tuning, optimization
  • Part Data tuning and consultation for creating new parts data

"Almost achieving production target but not", "is our current production efficiency really the best?", Are you facing either of these dilemmas?
We might have some solutions for you by reviewing your data.

For service inquiries, please contact your Fuji distributors.